Glen Lux wins Future Design Contest from NASA Tech Briefs

Lux Wind Power’s Chief Engineer and Founder, Glen Lux, was announced as the top prize winner in the Sustainable Technologies Category in the Create the Future Design Contest from NASA Tech Briefs.

The Create the Future Design Contest is held annually and this year had over 8,000 product design entries from engineers, entrepreneurs and students worldwide. NASA Tech Briefs, the publisher of the contest, is the largest-circulation design-engineering magazine worldwide.

Glen Lux, is passionate about sustainable technology and more specifically in wind turbines. Lux has researched and built a working prototype of a vertical-axis turbine – the Lux Wind Turbine. It has a simpler, more durable design than conventional wind turbines.

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing sources of energy in the world, but growth has been affected by high costs. More recently, many existing wind farms are approaching the need for replacement – the Lux Wind Turbine has lower capital and maintenance costs, making it an excellent substitution.

Lux is grateful to gain added exposure to his invention and happy to have be awarded the win in his category and also to have been named as a top runner up for overall votes and in the Top 100 for overall score from the NASA Tech Briefs judging panel.

For more information view the contest entry here.