The Lux Wind Turbine


Lux Wind Power is an independent wind power research facility located in Saskatoon. It is owned, funded and operated by Glen Lux B.E.

LWP has developed and patented critical aspects of a new wind turbine design that provides major advances in technology. These advances include a novel vertical axis wind turbine [Learn More], and two new options for drive systems to replace expensive gearboxes: a hydraulic pump system [Learn More] and the Lux Traction Drive [Learn More].

We believe these technologies will result in superior and more cost effective wind turbines for 3 main reasons:

  • Approximately ½ the levelized cost of energy (LCOE). [Learn More
  • Lowered centre of gravity (COG) [Learn More]
  • Solves all of the issues associated with previous Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

LWP is actively seeking partners in the wind industry interested in licensing these technologies and bringing them to commercialization. [Learn More]